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Welcome Video Teachers!

This area of has been created to support teachers in their video production work with students. Return here often to see how this part of the site grows! Click on the links below to view topics:

Discussion Board


Discussion Board -


We now have a special "discussion area" that you can log onto to share ideas and resources with other teachers.

Click here to login to the Video Teachers' Discussion Board

Some things to note before you log-on.
You must create a login and password to use the discussion board. Click on "New User" on the login page of the board.
  • A "conference" is simply a topic to discuss! You'll find a list of conferences/topics on the left hand side of the page. One of the conferences is called "free for all" - that's an area for teachers to talk about miscellaneous topics not covered by the other conferences.



  • The board is pretty easy to use. Just click on a conference (topic) - then follow easy instructions for reading and posting. If you get stuck, try clicking on the "help" button - it's on the top of the page on the right hand side.
  • PSETV will monitor, update and clean-up the discussion board as we go along. Your suggestions are welcome.



Please return to this page often for more resources/news for video teachers.