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PSETV thanks Comcast for their commitment to PSETV and a dynamic infrastructure.

Sponsorship Facts


PSETV occupies cable channel 26 on the Comcast cable system throughout King and Pierce counties, the 14th largest market size in the nation. PSETV's target audience includes all members of the community with a household reach on basic cable for both counties of 683,800. This service area also incorporates 34 school districts and more than 200 private schools. Approximately 40 percent of the K-12 students in the state - more than 377,000 children - are served within the PSETV region. Due to the uniqueness of PSETV's programming and community information, it is estimated the overall demographic is set for ages 5 through 74.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Puget Sound Education Television is supported by financial contributions for channel underwriting, program and special sponsorship opportunities, and grants. To learn more about how your organization can support education please contact:


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Puget Sound Educational Service District
800 Oakesdale Ave SW , Renton, WA 98055.
(425) 917-7605 or via e-mail at:


PSETV is excited about providing programming to enrich student learning, enhance teaching and increase parental and community involvement in pre-K-12 education.