About Puget Sound Educational Television

Puget Sound Education Television (PSETV) is a cable PEG channel located on channel 26 on the Comcast channel lineup throughout King and Pierce counties.

The school districts in King and Pierce counties have formed a cooperative to program and operate PSETV. The Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) operates the channel on behalf of member school districts. Approximately 40 percent of the K-12 students in the state reside in the PSETV viewing region.



A companion website - - expands the content of programming and provides links to school districts and regional resources.




The mission of Puget Sound Education Television (PSETV) is to provide quality programming 7days a week, 24 hours a day, to support and enhance pre-K-12 education. PSETV provides a needed service to students, educators, parents, and communities by offering programming about local and regional K-12 topics. Programming extends the school day; helps prepare children for school; and provides a venue for special events, performing arts, special classes, staff development and regional issues. Viewers have the opportunity to understand, experience and explore their community's schools as never before.


The PSETV Cooperative is excited and enthused about the opportunity to provide a much needed information service to our community. We are committed to making PSETV Channel 26 a dynamic, creative, and dependable source of timely and useful educational information and programming to support students, parents, educators and communities.



The vision of school districts in the Puget Sound Education Television Cooperative is for a public, educational television channel that:


  • addresses local and regional needs
  • offers quality programming which benefits a diverse audience
  • utilizes cutting edge technology for educational outreach
  • supports and augments traditional student learning, family literacy and teacher/staff development activities
  • provides career training experiences for students, and
  • engages the entire community in the importance of K-12 education issues, and accomplishments.