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Thank You Boeing!

PSESD wishes to thank The Boeing Company for helping us bring scholarships and more accessible, flexible staff development options to teachers and school staff in the region.  


Teleweb Classes


Teleweb classes are not currently being offered.


Teleweb Classes
Teaching Reading K-2

Learning Math - Number and Operations

PSETV and PSESD, in partnership with The Boeing Company and Annenberg CPB, are offering two great new ”teleweb” classes this fall on teaching math and reading. By combining television and website mediums, teachers can access the video content of the courses on PSETV (Channel 26 in most locales), and online assignments on the Internet, based upon their own schedules and timelines.

Boeing Scholarships Available for a Limited Time - Free Credits/Clock Hours

Thanks to a generous grant from The Boeing Company, approximately 100 scholarships are available for teachers to take one of these classes for free– including credit or clock hours. Students pay for the classes at registration and then are reimbursed at the time of course completion. Scholarships are available to those who choose college credit or clock hours.

Be sure to take note of registration dates- Boeing scholarships will be given on a first-come first-serve basis. One scholarship per person.

 Course Requirements:

  • You must be able to view PSETV. For viewing locations, visit Videos can also be reviewed online with a broadband connection.
  • Three college credits are available from SPU or SU or 30 clock hours are available from PSESD. Requirements to earn credit or clock hours include viewing videos and completing PSESD online assignments.
  • A Completion Certificate requires viewing videos and completing online assignments.
  • Class must be completed within four months of beginning the class.  

If you don't need college credit, clock hours or a completion certificate and want to take these courses, they are both available free at, and you do not need to register at PSESD.

If your district is a member of, course fees are discounted for the math class.

Teaching Reading K-2

A video workshop for K-2 teachers and reading specialists; 8 one-hour video programs on critical topics in teaching reading. Boston University professor of education Jeanne Paratore moderates the sessions with practicing K-2 teachers, reviewing current research on reading instruction and how it can inform classroom practice. Participating teachers view video clips of real reading classes and learn ways to develop the literacy skills of their diverse students.

For detailed PSETV viewing schedule of Teaching Reading, K-2, click here.

To register and for more detailed information, click here.

Learning Math – Number and Operations

A video and web-based course for K-8 teachers; 10 half-hour video programs, a print guide, and interactive activities and demonstrations on the Web. The course examines the three main categories in the Number and Operations strand of Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (NCTM) — understanding numbers, representations, relationships, and number systems; the meanings of operations and relationships among those operations; and reasonable estimation and fluent computation.

For detailed PSETV viewing schedule of Learning Math, click here.

To register and for more detailed information, click here.

For more information, contact Janet Hinrichs, (206) 439-6904, (253) 596-6904, or 1-800-664-4549, x6904, .